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by Johnny Rei

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Hi, this is Johnny. I sing, compose songs, write lyrics & play multiple instruments.

I love to make complete songs by myself old-fashion style by playing drums, keyboards, bass guitar & guitar. So what you hear is made completely by 1 person - tip to toe - from singing through lyrics to drums.

Making songs this way is an absolute pleasure for me. It makes me totally happy & I really don't have a clue why, sorry. I just love being able to create music this way.

At the same time - it's very time/money consuming for one person to commit to a work & expenses of an entire 5-piece rock band, as you can imagine. So, if you like what you hear - I just wanna let you know 2 things:

1. All the songs I made so far were finished literally "on the go", meaning they were made in a couple of hours with little to no time to rehearse & with low quality instruments & equipment.

2. My dream is to be able to make complete songs with:
- good quality music instruments and equipment
- plenty of time for rehearsal & recording.

This is not just for the pleasure of doing what I love doing the most - but also for the final result - which I believe will be one of the best music albums you will ever hear. Ever :)

Here You'll find music I've recorded so far - you can listen & download these songs for free or for any amount of your choice. No sign-up, no e-mail required. Just click on the red ''Buy Now'' above and enter price as 0 (zero) or any amount you wish.

Again, these songs are just "demo" versions that I recorded at my house with inexpensive instruments & recording equipment with limited time.They are all tuned to 528hz frequency & they will be included on new album in much better & more professional versions including better music & lyrics.

If you'd like to find-out more about me & my music - here's all other info, biography, music, videos & more: johnnyreiblog.wordpress.com

New album will contain 18 songs & it will be released as double-CD in physical format. It will be tuned to 528 Hz frequency & it's going to be made completely by 1 person.

If you contribute - you will receive special edition of new album - whether in MP3 or CD format. You can contribute less than £10/$15 & you will get it in MP3 format. Those who contribute £10/$15 or more will get new album in MP3 format & on double-CD with free delivery, too. After new album is recorded - You will be notified via e-mail and - if You contributed £10/$15 or more - You will be asked to provide Your current delivery address at the time of release.

In order for me to record, release & publish new album - total cost of £ 53 000 GBP / $ 75 000 USD needs to be raised & it will be used for:

- renting rehearsal space
- renting professional studio
- renting & buying good quality instruments
- CD manufacturing & artwork printing for physical copies of new album
- start-up marketing costs including recording a music video
- all other expenses associated with rehearsing, recording & releasing professional studio album that is created by 1 person with live instruments.


1. You can contribute by clicking orange 'Contribute' button on the website here: fundrazr.com/campaigns/8Oe69

2. You can visit johnnyrei.bandcamp.com , click on the red ''Buy Now'' enter any amount you wish.

3. In case You'd like to contribute directly via PayPal, here's the e-mail address: johnnyreisinger@yahoo.co.uk

Today I'm asking you to help me record amazing new album. If everyone reading this right now contributed & told all their friends about my music - this fundraiser would be done within couple of days. I believe my approach to making music is something really special and if this music means anything to you, please take one minute to support it whether with your financial contribution or by spreading the word.




released 25 April 2014



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